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      About Beth Abraham Sephardic Synagogue in Boston

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Beth Abraham Synagogue of the Sephardic Congregation of New England was founded in 1984 in order to preserve and promote our Sephardic / Mizrahi ways of prayer, traditions, customs, heritage and culture. Our community is diverse and our members come from all over the world.

Located in Brookline Massachusetts, just  minutes from Boston, our synagogue proudly and openly welcomes all who wish to join us.

Our Mizrahi style of prayer is truly unique involving tunes and melodies passed down from generation to generation. We are proud to safeguard these traditions and share them with the world. While we sing and pray together as a community, we are sure to include prayers for our United States Government as well as the State of Israel. Our synagogue maintains Sephardic Orthodox standards kashrut and observance prayer so that all of our visitors and congregants will feel comfortable.

Beth Abraham is like a family where we nurture our core values of tradition, children, torah, education, as well as individual growth. Our community is judgement free as to welcome and respect everyone's place in their spiritual journey.

We offer many opportunities for involvement and we welcome you to join any of our daily shahrit or Shabbat services.

We hope to see you soon!

The Beth Abraham Community

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     Some of our Sephardic Torahs from all over the world 

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